Along with our new fame and fortune (come see us at the MAMA breakthrough artist competition!), we now have branded gear you can add to your car, your fridge, your instrument case, or your body.

First: T-shirts.  You can get one here, at Teespring.  We will also have some for sale at the shows.  We haven’t gotten ours yet, but they should come this weekend; we’ll post pics when they’re here.

Second: Stickers and Magnets.  Stickers pictured below, magnets are a clever combo of a sticker with a magnet backing.


Use the contact form if you want to order some, and Molly will figure out how to get them to you. Ellie says that’s not worth it, and mailing is terrible, and we should just make people come to the shows, so if you want ’em, you should probably write soon before her more cynical view prevails.